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About us
The acquisition of a Building in another country is always difficult, because the required documentation is written in another language, the laws are also different and altogether it may seem, for the person who is interested in, a handicap, and in certain extens a risk or an adventure.

In Barcelona ''Don Piso'' is a real estate and has became a referent because we have been dealing in the Building world for more than 20 years.

We want to give to all our future clients, who speak English, and want to invest in Spain, buying a flat, a house or any other kind of building a personal assistance, and guidance, advising in both commercial and legal matters and as a consequence of it, they will get freedom from anxiety in all the fases of the project:

1. We will search the building that they are interested in. It may be in Barcelona, the 'Costa Brava' or any other city (Beach or Mountain)
2. We will give them financial advice and/or introduce them to a financial bank.
3. We will help them to go through all the administrative procedures, commercial, financial and fiscal.
4. Our clients will be always assisted by one of our commercial agents, who will speak English, in order to answer all their questions and doubts about the buying transaction.
5. We will go with them to the act of signing the documents and there will be a translator if it were necessary.

Furthermore, once our clients become proprietors and residents in our country, we can propose them many others services of great importance at a suitable price and done at the right time:

1. Works of cleansing, restoration and up keeping of their property.
2. We will be their representatives (if they cannot be present) at the community meetings.
3. We will give them legal assistance.
4. We will do all the procedures for obtaining the permit from the corresponding companies for supplying water, electricity and gas at their property.
5. We can conduct and take the necessary steps to rent the property at long or short periods.

At the present context to invest in Spain becomes a buyers market and therefore an excellent decision. The market has never been and probably will be not as attractive as now.

''Don piso'' will be your ideal partner for this project, because we get support by a group of professionals with great experience and who will look after our client's interest. We can offer you a good deal of buildings and our trademark and our way of acting are very well recognized in the real estate and building world.

We give tranquillity, security, attractive prices and ease communication; this is ''Don Piso'' guarantee.